7.7 earthquake, Caribbean sea :Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman island region
Situation overview
According to USGS, a 7.7 earthquake struck the Caribbean sea in the area between Cuba, Jamaica and Cayman Islands at a depth of 10km depth on 28 January at 19:10 UTC.
OCHA is in touch with the UN Resident coordinators' offices in Cuba and Jamaica.
The quake has been strongly felt in Kingston , Jamaica, and UN offices were all evacuated. No reports of damages so far.
Reports indicate that the tremor was also felt slightly in parts of Havana. So far, no reports of damages.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a Tsunami Message Number 1, informing that hazardous tsunami waves from this earthquake are possible wihtin 300km of the epicenter along the coast of Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cuba.