Emergency preparedness during COVID-19 - potential availability of relief teams
Situation overview
In the case of a new major disaster during the COVID-19 crisis, there may be a need to mobilize international assistance to assist the affected country.

This discussion serves the purpose to identify which relief teams (USAR, EMT, etc) are principally ready to deploy to an emergency during the COVID-19, provided that the affected country has requested for assistance, international travel is possible, and the sending country/organization has authorized the assistance.

Relief Teams (INSARAG/USAR, etc.) that are in principle ready to mobilize to major disasters during the COVID-19 crisis are kindly requested to create a team record (Fact Sheet) using the menu "RELIEF TEAMS" above indicating "Stand-by". The record should be updated to "Stand-down" in case the team is no longer available.

Relief teams
Standby (25) USAR.NL (Netherlands), S.A.R.A.I.D (United Kingdom), EMERCOM of Russia (RUS-1) (Russian Federation), USA1 and USA2 (USA), FER SAR TEAM(EMERCOM of Russia) (Russian Federation), GEA Search and Rescue Team (Turkey), FRA1 PUI FRANCE (France), SR SAR Team of EMERCOM of Russia (Russian Federation), UKISAR (United Kingdom), DEMA USAR (Denmark), Australia 1 - Disaster Assistence Response Team - Queensland (Australia), Japan Disaster Relief Team (JDR) (Japan), KDRT (South Korea), Swiss Rescue (Switzerland), EST-USAR (Estonia), ESP-02 (UME) (Spain), SAR-TEAM (Portugal), ARM USAR (Armenia), FRA 02 HUSAR UIISC 1 (France), FRA 03 HUSAR UIISC 7 (France), SARUV Austria (Austria), QISARG (Qatar), Australia -02 (Australia), SMART (Malaysia), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SGP-1) (Singapore)
Stand-down (12) USAR BOMBEROS DE CHILE (Chile), ALG. HUSAR.UNII01 (Algeria), AKUT (Turkey), Austrian Forces Disaster Reliief Unit (AFDRU) (Austria), HUSZAR (Hungary), Hungarian National Organization for Rescue Services (HUNOR) (Hungary), Heavy USAR Italy (ITA-1) (Italy), UAE USAR Team (United Arab Emirates), Oman USAR (Oman), Finn Rescue Team (Finland), INASAR (Indonesia), Equipo USAR Colombia - Sistema Nacional de GestiĆ³n del Riesgo de Desastres (Colombia)