Hurricane Eta and Iota - Honduras, Nov 2020
Situation overview
Situation updates about hurricanes Eta and Iota in Honduras are provided in this discussion.

Eta began affecting northern Honduras as a Category 4 hurricane on 3 November. In three days, Eta downgraded to a tropical storm and then to a tropical depression, drenching much of Honduras and causing rising river levels, flooding, and landslides across the country.
At least 745 communities across 155 of Honduras’ 298 municipalities report varying degrees of damage.  Daily figures from the Permanent Commission for Contingencies (COPECO) have steadily risen each day to account for roughly 30 percent of the country’s population affected, as of November 12.
Iota is now clear of the region, only minor rainfalls persist. The remaining impacts are still driving the UN and OCHA response efforts in Honduras. The COPECO civil protection agency reports more than 500,000 people affected by Iota alone.
Status of request for assistance
No official request for an UNDAC deployment has been received from Honduras neither Nicaragua, but given the potential high humanitarian impact, OCHA/ Response Emergency Section is alerting the network.