Hurricane Eta and Iota - Guatemala, Nov 2020
Situation overview
The CONRED civil protection agency reports a combined 935,000 people directly affected by Eta and Iota. Twelve of 22 administrative departments have reported various levels of damage and devastation due to extreme flooding and catastrophic landslides. The impact is mostly concentrated in three departments (Alta Verapaz, Izabal, and Quiche) with 47% of the assessed damage. Alta Verapaz and Quiche have predominantly indigenous population (95 per cent). Landslides and mudflows resulted in at least 53 death and 96 people are still missing in Alta Verapaz. Major and secondary rivers flooded and impacted houses and livelihoods, destroying households, crops, supplies, and personal items. Some 38,000 households have indicated moderate to severe damage.
Official data from CONRED reports that close to 184,000 people have taken refuge in shelters across the country (18,000 in 141 official shelters and 166,000 in churches, with relatives, or in community-led facilities). Health workers supported by PAHO/WHO assessed shelters and preliminarily identified 1,141 pregnant women, 111 handicapped people, and 134 individuals with chronic diseases.
Status of request for assistance
OCHA/Emergency Response Section issued an M0 message to the UNDAC network in case a request for an UNDAC deployment will come in