Tropical Cyclone Eloise
Situation overview

Tropical Cyclone Eloise is forecast to make landfall near Beira City in Sofala Province, Mozambique, as a Tropical Cyclone in the early hours of 23 January.

Sofala Province has experienced heavy rainfall, strong winds and flooding since 15 January, with more than 21,500 people affected and more than 1,900 houses flooded prior to Eloise’s landfall, according to the Government. With many rivers and basins above alert levels, the most immediate concern is the potential for significant flooding as Eloise brings further rains.

Following its landfall in Mozambique, Eloise is expected to move inland, bringing heavy rains to southern Zimbabwe, northern South Africa and far eastern Botswana

Status of request for assistance

The Government of Mozambique has requested the UN Resident Coordinator in country to request water rescue teams to be on stand-by.

COVID-19 requirements are: to present a test at the arrival at the airport.