Commemoration of 30 years INSARAG

Third INSARAG Global Meeting 2021 Outcomes

3rd IGM 2021 session outcomes can be compiled under the tab "Event Program" by selecting "Completed Sessions" in the left menu and following the instructions in the header of the page.

3rd IGM 2021 Statistics

  • 1-month remote event

  • 778 participants in the 5 network meetings

  • 1 Global Meeting - Over 350 participants from 150 Member States and organizations
  • - Endorsement of the Warsaw Declaration
  • - Launch of the INSARAG Exposure Story
  • - Launch of This is INSARAG

  • 3 Regional Meetings
  • - Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting - 105 participants
  • - Africa-Europe-Middle East Regional Meeting - 100 participants
  • - Americas Regional Meeting - 83 participants

  • 1 Technical Working Group and Team Leaders Meeting - 140 participants

  • 1 Virtual Exhibition Area
  • - 26 virtual exhibition stands established
  • - 5 live sessions

  • 1 Canvas Sheet
  • - 85 photos
  • - 4 videos

  • 6 Technical Discussion Forums

3rd INSARAG Global Meeting - 6 October 2021

30 years of life-saving work 

“Strengthen Quality, Predictability, Speed, and Flexibility in Support of National and Local Capacities.”

Hosted virtually by Poland with the guidance and support of the Global and Regional Chairs, and the INSARAG Secretariat, the 3rd INSARAG Global Meeting 2021 will commemorate 30 years of life-saving work. Since 1991, INSARAG has facilitated the coordination of international USAR teams, who make themselves available for deployment to countries experiencing devastating events of structural collapse, due primarily to earthquakes.

Every five years:  the INSARAG Global Meeting brings the network together to share experiences, best practices and to agree on the future direction of INSARAG for the next five years. 

Our Network: INSARAG is only as strong as its members. The IGM website offers a chance for the network members to share their memories through the Exhibition Area, the Canvas Sheet and the Discussion Forum.

The interactive programme of the IGM 2021 will be regularly updated with new sessions, agendas, abstracts, exhibitors’ information, pictures, videos, quotes, brochures, connection details and session outcomes. The programme also allows users to search for sessions by keywords and contains links to access the session information, to bookmark or register for sessions of interest or view other registered participants.

INSARAG Global Meeting (IGM)
The network of policy and technical experts will discuss and deliberate on new ways of delivering value-added life-saving assistance, which is fit for future use.

Three INSARAG Regional Groups meet annually to plan regional activities and to keep abreast of USAR related issues. With the recommendations of INSARAG Regional Meetings and the endorsement of the INSARAG Steering Group, the INSARAG community felt that there was a need for greater interaction between three INSARAG Regional Groups and therefore decided to hold a global INSARAG meeting every 5 years. This global event is a unique opportunity designed to bring all member countries together from across all INSARAG regions.
Background information

Declaracion de Varsovia
Warsaw Declaration
IGM Programme
INSARAG Strategic Plan 2021-2026