The Leading Edge Programme
The Leading Edge Programme is a global initiative of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the active and committed participation of donor governments. The Leading Edge Programme aims to foster year-round collaboration between networks & technical experts in crisis preparedness and response to identify common challenges and implement solutions.

The Leading Edge Programme builds on the philosophy of the Consultative Group for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CG) and the momentum created by the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) by bringing together best-in-class experts and organizations into an enabling environment. In 2016, the HNPW convened over 800 participants and launched Focus Task Forces (FTFs) to facilitate the development of joint solutions to critical issues. The Leading Edge Programme aims to take this success further, by enabling a continuous collaboration that maximizes the benefits of working together to enable change.

The Leading Edge Programme aims to do this by continuing to bring networks and partnerships together once a year at the HNPW. But this is just the beginning.

Throughout the year, it will serve as a platform to support FTFs. Through FTFs, members of networks and partnerships will engage in a year-round collaboration around thematic issues of common concern, to design technical solutions to advanced humanitarian challenges. The HNPW will be the annual event where the results of the FTFs’ work will be assessed, new priorities identified and where members will collectively set the agenda for the Leading Edge Programme's plan of action for the year. This model of continuous cooperation will achieve tangible results and ultimately improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian action.

Leading #changetogether.

The story behind the Leading Edge Programme
The Consultative Group for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CG), was created in 2014 as a forum for discussion and identification of synergies amongst networks and partnerships. The HNPW was the core annual activity of the CG. Following the success of this event, stakeholders have expressed a desire to extend the existing collaboration within and across networks beyond the workshop.

In response, the Leading Edge Programme aims to take a continuous, results-oriented approach to facilitating information exchanges, jointly identifying issues and supporting coordinated planning and actions.

This year-round collaborative programme will enable the achievement of impactful results in crisis preparedness and response.