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Eastern and Central Caribbean: Hurricane IRMA, 2017
Situation overview
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Situation Overview
  • Hurricane Irma made landfall on northeast Caribbean islands during the early hours local time of 6 September, affecting , , , , , , , , , , Haiti, and .
  • 48 people have been reported dead. 1.2 million people have been affected by damage to water infrastructure. 17,000 people are in immediate need of shelter.
  • Most of the Caribbean islands battered by Irma were spared by Hurricane Jose
  • Key priorities are: Restoration of essential services, water and sanitation kits, canned food, fuel, building materials for reconstruction, equipment to clean islands, health and dignity kits, seeds and agricultural goods.
UNDAC deployment to Barbados/Antigua:
  • A team of 8 people has been prepositioned in Barbados (3 UNDAC members, 1 ROLAC, 2 IHP, 2 MapAction) in order to coordinate with the RC, and relevant partners, such as CDEMA.
  • Team members have been reassigned to Anguilla, Antigua, BVI and after Hurricane Maria to Dominica.
  • The coordination hub in Antigua is the National Operations Disaster Center, in Barbados it is the CDEMA office.
  • UNDAC Team Leader is Peter Muller:, +41 79 535 0434.
  • UNDAC team e-mail address:
  • Mission Focal Point in FCSS Geneva is George Murray:, +41 76 691 0115.
UNDAC deployment to Sint Maarten:
  • FCSS deployed 2 UNDAC members to Sint Maarten. See here .
  • The UNDAC Team Leader is Jacob Sjaak Seen. His contact details: email:, Tel: +31 65 395 6001, Satellite phone 00881621427406
  • The Coordination center is located here: 18° 1'31.79"N 63° 2'42.33"W
  • The Base of Operation of the USAR team is at the hospital Sint Maarten Medical Center located here: 18° 1'35.02"N 63° 3'58.34"W
  • UNDAC Team in Sint Maarten e-mail:
  • Mission Focal Point in FCSS Geneva: Stefania Trassari,, +41 22 917 2815, mobile: +41 766910239
Please check yourself in on Humanitarian ID (list "Hurricane Irma - Sep 2017"):
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