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About us

This Network was launched at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) in February 2018 in Geneva.

Focusing on humanitarian action and promoting the triple (humanitarian-development-peace) nexus, the Conflict Analysis Network (CAN) will contribute to sustainable peace by improving the overall quality of conflict analysis processes at local, regional and national level. CAN will garner multiple perspectives from peacebuilders, development partners and other approaches to make our analysis more sensitive to political concerns. This Network is committed to improving the contextual understanding of conflict environments to drive better decision-making from the strategic to programmatic levels across interventions.

Members will be able to participate in different layers and levels of engagement, according to their needs and desires: Some members can conduct consortium analysis, while others can seek or contribute to information exchange and keep abreast of the latest developments surrounding the work of the Network.


The Conflict Analysis Network will:
  1. Establish a Community of Practice among members to support collaboration, knowledge sharing and continuous learning to promote humanitarian, development and peacebuilding perspectives in conflict analysis practices and approaches
  2. Maintain regular communication lines among CAN members
  3. Advocate the importance of conflict analysis at strategic and political decision-making level through training and cultural change
  4. Seek innovative financing models to facilitate consortium-style work and support existing centers of excellence
  5. Acknowledge differing approaches and methodologies exist in determining key elements of conflict analysis
  6. Strengthen the capacities of members to transfer conflict analysis knowledge into concrete actions contributing to a better response as per the Grand Bargain Commitments and the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus

Chad - Pierre Peron/OCHA