IMPACCT WG: Cross-border movement of humanitarian relief consignments
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IMPACCT Strategy 2020-2025 - 6 strategic objectives

High-level policy initiatives

Contributing to the development of high-level policy recommendations and international legal frameworks

Global outreach and communications

Building increased awareness through outreach, coordination and networks

Technical and technological support

Supporting the use of technology and other systems that enhance and streamline cross-border processes for humanitarian aid

Training and capacity building

Partnering to increase the availability and quality of training materials and opportunities for humanitarian partners

Support to disaster response efforts

Sharing information and making available key disaster relief importation information for response efforts

Country specific activities

Implementing tailored country-specific activities to increase the preparedness of governmental regulatory agencies and humanitarian partners

Developed in 2020, this document outlines the IMPACCT Working Group’s Strategic Plan to guide its members and conveners on its overall strategy for 2020-2025. 
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