GLIDE: FL-2022-000376-COD
DRC: Floods in Kinshasa, Dec 2022
 Situation overview
More than 120 people have died as a direct consequence of flooding caused by heavy rains during the night of 12-13 December 2022 in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Nearly 39,000 homes were flooded and at least 282 houses were destroyed, leaving many families homeless.

Also, the heavy rains caused landslides that destroyed a section of National Road 1, the main arterial which links Kinshasa to the neighbouring province of Kongo Central. The RN1 is the main axis that supplies Kinshasa with vital consumer goods from the province of Kongo Central. According to our Government counterpart, Mount Ngafula is among the most affected communes, with several death and some 30 000 people in need of shelter.
Shelter, Wash, Health and Food are among the urgent needs.
 Status of request for assistance

The government in conjuction with the UNCT has asked for the support of an UNDAC team.


UNDAC team information:

Undac team leader: Yves Legil

TL phone: +352621243458