Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Joint Needs Assessments: A critical benchmark for anticipatory action approaches and systems
27 Apr 23 09:00-10:30

Joint Needs Assessments are a crucial tool in understanding the magnitude and severity of humanitarian needs and informing evidence-based planning. Often conducted on an annual basis and at a crisis-wide level, these assessments provide a comprehensive and granular snapshot on humanitarian needs, vulnerabilities, and the stated priorities and perceptions of affected people.

However, given the rich data and wealth of information that can be derived from such an exercise, humanitarian actors are increasingly looking for opportunities to leverage JNA data for other purposes. This panel discussion will explore the relevance of such “nowcasting” analyses for supporting anticipatory action and early warning analysis systems – for example by providing benchmark data against which real-time monitoring systems can track changes over time, and by providing robust data to inform forecasts and predictions.

This panel discussion will explore:
1) The ongoing relevance of such analyses in humanitarian planning and prioritization. By examining Multi-Sector Needs Assessments (MSNAs) and other kinds of joint needs analysis, the panel will uncover the potential impact, opportunities, and challenges associated with Joint Needs Assessments. The panelists will discuss the blocking-points and limitations of joint needs assessments and discuss ways to address them to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian response.
2) Opportunities for JNAs like the MSNA to support AA/EW and plug into real-time monitoring systems and approaches – particularly by providing reliable and credible “nowcasting” to serve as a benchmark understanding of crisis scope, severity, and how it may evolve if severe unmet needs are not addressed.

This panel discussion aims to provide an overview of the current state of Joint Needs Assessments and analyses in humanitarian response and highlight key areas for continued improvement and innovation in the future. The audience will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Joint Needs Assessments and MSNAs in humanitarian decision-making and how they can support effective humanitarian response.

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