Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Anticipation Hub - collaboration opportunities in the new phase
26 Apr 23 11:00-12:30   (Salle 16)

The Anticipation Hub is a platform to facilitate knowledge exchange, learning, guidance, and advocacy around anticipatory action. A joint initiative between the German Red Cross (GRC), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (Climate Centre), the Anticipation Hub brings together 100+ partners across the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, universities, research institutes, (i)NGOs, UN agencies, governments, donors, and network initiatives.

During this session we will introduce the tools and resources on the Hub, and highlight the different ways how to get involved in the its new phase. The Hub resources are geared towards practitioners, policy makers and scientists and offer a myriad of databases, instruments and activities to inspire, encourage and learn from anticipatory action practices worldwide.

The session will also involve interactive discussions with partners around different thematic working groups for anticipatory action that the Anticipation Hub hosts including (1) Earth observation (2) Conflict (3) Gender, Protection and Inclusion (4) Disaster Risk Financing (5) MEAL (6) Health.

News flash #1 | A new working group on Compound and Cascading Risk Working will be introduced for the first time!
News flash #2 | The Regional Advisors of the Anticipation Hub from the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa will be in Geneva. Learn from them about the latest on anticipatory action from the regions.

We will also provide space for partners to pitch ideas and collaboration opportunities from across regions and thematic areas.

To wrap up, we will enjoy an aerial acrobatics performance from Brazilian artists. But what does that have to do with anticipatory action?


Find out and join us for a fun and interactive session to connect, learn and collaborate on anticipatory action.

Together, we can identify gaps, incubate innovations, develop solutions and accelerate action.



Kara Siahaan - Head, Anticipation Hub

Irene Amuron - Manager, Anticipatory Action, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre / Learning Lead - Anticipation Hub

We will hear from...

Marius Horata, Content Manager - Anticipation Hub

Catalina Jaime, Manager, Conflict and Climate - Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre / Co-lead, Anticipation Hub Conflict WG

Tesse de Boer, Technical Advisor, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre / Co-lead, Anticipation Hub Compound Risk WG

Audrey Oettli, Child Protection Coordinator, IFRC / Co-lead, Anticipation Hub Protection, Gender and Inclusion WG

Nikolas Scherer, Manager, Policy and Advocacy - Anticipation Hub / Co-chair Sectoral Community on Linking Risk Financing with AA (hosted by InsuResilience Global Partnership)

Karen Dall, Manager, Capacity Building - German Red Cross / Member, Anticipation Hub Earth Observation for AA WG

The Anticipation Hub Regional Advisors: Jurg Willbrink (IFRC Africa), Raymond Zingg (IFRC Asia Pacific), Mathieu Destrooper (German Red Cross Americas), Lilian Ayala (IFRC Americas)

Dorothy Heinrich TBC - Future Leaders Network on EWEA

Elkaye Macasil - CREWS Initiative

Ben Webster - Risk-Informed Early Action Partnership

Ahmed Amdihun - IGAD Climate Prediction Centre (TBC)

Dr. Riyanti Djalante - ASEAN Secretariat (TBC)

David Luganda Nsiyonna - Network of Climate Journalists in the Greater Horn of Africa

Konstantin Klammert - German Federal Foreign Office

and more...

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