Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2023 (17-28 April 2023)

Session title: Linking Local Communities to the Humanitarian Response Plans and Risk Management Response Plans in Colombia through iMMAP's AAP and Community Engagement Processes
27 Apr 23 (09:00-10:30) UTC+2  (Pleniere E)
Focal points• Mr Pierre Borghi, iMMAP (ShowEmail)
Reference networks and themesLocalization
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There is growing global recognition about the importance of community engagement in relation to information management. The need for a dynamic two-way information flow with communities, both for the purposes of improved operations and to strategically inform decision making at the HPC level, means that new methodologies are required to efficiently connect multiple levels of the humanitarian ecosystem. iMMAP is working with local actors to build a scalable solution designed to position inclusive community leaders as key actors throughout this process, having them inform key indicators in strategically prioritized locations in Colombia. Aside from being informed by the UNICEF CE Minimum Standards and Common M&E Framework, the goal will also be to connect to local humanitarian coordination structures


Jeffrey Roberto VILLAVECES - iMMAP Colombia Country Representative