Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2023 (17-28 April 2023)

Session title: Humanitarian Analysis and Decision Making
27 Apr 23 (14:00-15:30) UTC+2  (Salle Nyon)
Focal points• Mr Dennis King, USA (ShowEmail)
Reference networks and themesAnticipation Hub, Anticipatory Action
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Abstract: Fast and informed humanitarian crisis decision-making can reduce the fatalities and suffering that result from natural disasters and conflict crises. This decision-making occurs at the tactical, operational/programmatic, and strategic levels of humanitarian response organizations. This presentation investigates four different types of humanitarian analysis: 1) explanatory/descriptive, 2) evaluative/comparative, 3) alert/anticipatory, and 4) predictive/estimative. Humanitarian analysis can effectively be presented in different ways, such as written products, static and interactive visual representations, and oral briefings. Technology has revolutionized the collection and dissemination of humanitarian analysis, but it also presents challenges and caveats for humanitarian crisis decision-making. Ultimately, humanitarian crisis decision makers are accountable and should rely on the best humanitarian analysis available to help inform their decisions.


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