Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Data quality challenges and their impact on the humanitarian response cycle
Organizer(s): MapAction
9 May 24 11:00-12:30   (Salle 12)

Poor data quality can undermine the effectiveness of evidence-based decision-making in the humanitarian sector. The path to improvement starts with identifying the challenges.

In this panel, we will discuss the main challenges around data quality for emergency response, preparedness and anticipatory action. All phases of a data project will be covered, from data collection to visualization and accessibility. We will also discuss the specifics of working with open data and quality frameworks. Our panellists represent a total of 8 different organisations, all of them with an advanced expertise on data. We will discuss the challenges they each face and the strategies they have put in place to overcome them.

The target group includes all humanitarian partners that collect, process, store, publish or use data in their activities, whether or not they take data quality into account on their process.


ACAPS: Chiara Rizzi, Senior Data Scientist
CartONG: Sandra Sudhoff, Senior Portfolio Manager
Centre for Humanitarian Data: Leonardo Milano, Data Science Team Lead
Flowminder: Cathy Riley, Strategic Partnerships Director
HeiGIT: Marcel Reinmuth, Research Associate and Senior Data Scientist
Impact Initiatives: Léa Barbezat, Senior Research Manager - Monitoring
MapAction: Daniel Soares, Head of Data Science (Facilitator)
Start Network: Seheno Andrianiaina, Start Network Country Manager, Madagascar

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