Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Silent Crisis - Information, Decision-Making, and Communities on the Frontlines of Climate Change
Organizer(s): Internews
9 May 24 14:00-15:30   (Salle 10)

This session explores the realities of climate-affected communities, focusing on their information ecosystems and decision-making roles. It aims to empower communities in navigating climate impacts by bridging local and global perspectives. The session, based on a report, challenges the status quo by emphasizing the importance of local solutions in a global crisis, highlighting the value of small data, and emphasizing the need for validation of local perspectives within the broader climate conversation. Key findings of the report underscore the necessity for context-specific information, the persistence of mistrust in external actors, the demand for actionable information from diverse sources, the psychosocial effects of climate change, and the importance of local connections to power and resources. This session will call for action to advocate for inclusive climate communication channels that engage diverse actors, especially those within affected communities.

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