Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Connectivity in Crisis: The humanitarian imperative for crisis affected people
Organizer(s): GSMA
7 May 24 11:00-12:30   (Salle 12)

Connectivity, its presence, absence, and loss, has profound implications in crisis.This session will explore the key humanitarian considerationsstemming from connectivity and look at various connectivity as aid initiatives.

Detailed description and method

Panel and Q&A session drawing from ongoing GSMA ‘Connectivity in Crisis’ research,the new Connectivity for Refugees initiative,and insights from deployments from agencies/networks like the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, UNHCR and ICRC.

We envision apanel sessionwhich shares key lessons learned from research and recent deployments to set the scene. It would then take the shape of discussions and Q&A on connectivity as aid, which might address questions such as:

  • What are the humanitarian obligations to connecting crisis affected people?

  • What are the models of humanitarian connectivity?

  • Where are the limits of humanitarian responsibility?

Lessons learned
Framing humanitarian connectivity in three ways: bridging coverage gaps;repairing lost connectivity; and mitigating the risks of technology-facilitated harms that stem from being connected during a crisis. Looking at humanitarian/TelConetwork expansion partnerships and the security of connectivity as aid services during live conflict.

Results and impact
The session will consider impact of connectivity [as aid]on affectedpeople related to protection, access to information, autonomy and agency,psychosocial wellbeing as well as access to humanitarian services.


Speaker or Org


ITU Human Rights Team

Jose Luis Cervera-Ferri, Senior Project Manager "Promoting and Measuring Universal and Meaningful Connectivity"


Henny Ngu,UNDP Crisis Bureau


Phyza Jameel,Programme Lead, Technology Division

Private Sector/GSMA – Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation

Zoe Hamilton,Senior Research Manager


Richard Thanki,Founder and MD


Leith Baker,Lead Advisor, Assessment and Analytics

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