Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Meeting of the REH "Waste" working group: review and outlook
Organizer(s): REH
2 May 24 14:30-16:00
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The mission of this working group (WG), through its exchanges and sharing of experience, is to help member organisations take better account of waste and waste management in their projects. This issue requires cooperation between a wide range of players, in order to address the question from upstream (e.g. reducing packaging) to downstream (e.g. improving recycling channels). The aim of this WG is to coordinate users throughout the humanitarian sector so that waste can be taken into account in the best possible way. This session will present the work of the WG so far, and its outlook discussed with the participants. Please join if you are interested in having an overview of issues around waste management!

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