Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Supporting greater use of satellite-derived information for humanitarian decision-making
Organizer(s): UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub, Caribou Space
2 May 24 14:00-15:30

Supporting greater use of satellite-derived information for humanitarian decision-making

Satellite earth observation data and tools offer information and insights that can support a wide variety of humanitarian missions. Despite an increase in the availability of data thanks to public and private investments into satellite constellations, the use of this data by humanitarian organisations and governments is still not widespread. In Autumn 2023, the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub commissioned Caribou Space to run a series of ideation workshops with members of the humanitarian community to understand the main challenges faced and barriers encountered relating to the use of satellite-derived data and geospatial information.

During this session, we will share the outcomes of the ideation process including the intervention ideas that have been taken forward by the Humanitarian Innovation Hub. The objectives of the session will be to gather input and feedback from humanitarian practitioners to flesh out further details of how the interventions could be taken forward and to shape and inform the next steps of the process. The session will be run as part-presentational and part-interactive workshop session using smaller breakout discussions.



Presentation of ideation process and key outputs (30 mins)

- Summary of high-level ideas prioritized at the end of the ideation process (10 mins)

- Progress made to date; Q&A session (10 mins)

- Facilitated small group discussions on next steps to take ideas forward (20 mins)

- Report back in whole group format (10 mins)

- Next steps and ways to remain engaged (10 mins)

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