Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2024 (29 April - 10 May 2024)

Session title: Training the Next Generation of Humanitarian Workers Through University Simulation Exercises - An Interactive Workshop
26 Apr 23 14:00-17:00   (Salle 11)

Today's crises and conflicts are highly complex and involve a myriad of simultaneously operating actors from various backgrounds. Managing the multitude of factors that impact a humanitarian crisis in fragile settings is already a challenging task. The multiplicity of actors adds another layer of complexity to this challenge. Objectives, principles and processes interfere in places where peacebuilders, development organisations and humanitarian agencies meet.

Field experience is usually listed as a key requirement for humanitarian officers, nexus or political advisors to successfully facilitate meaningful inter-organizational collaboration and humanitarian aid. Nevertheless, pre-deployment training and interaction with experienced practitioners can already equip future professionals with some of the necessary competencies needed in real-life scenarios.

The objective of the workshop is to elaborate on the function of university simulation exercises like GLOBE in equipping next-generation humanitarians with important skills as well as competencies and in recruiting them for the humanitarian sector.
It will further allow to identify new ways of collaboration between universities and professional organizations.

The target group for this interactive workshop includes

  • professionals from humanitarian organizations in general
  • professionals from humanitarian organizations
    responsible for training and recruitment
  • professionals from learning- and training-related organizations in the humanitarian sector
  • professionals organizing simulation exercises
  • anyone interested in simulation exercises and exploring collaboration opportunities of the humanitarian sector with universities.


Preliminary Agenda
14:00-14:20Introduction and Getting to Know Each Other
14:20-15:00Syndicate Work I - Competencies in the Humanitarian Field

Expert Input - Training Skills Through Simulation Exercises, Speaker: Dr. Jossberger, University of Regensburg

Accessible remotely:

16:00-16:40Syndicate Work II - Simulation Exercises to Train Competencies in the Humanitarian Field
16:40-17:00Conclusion and Summary


Ms GOSS Marie
  • Exercise Control of the GLOBE Simulation Game
  • Student of International Relations and Management
  • Former Visiting Student at Columbia University in the City of New York
  • Former Trainee in the European Parliament

More detailed information here.

  • Member of Exercise Control of the GLOBE Simulation Game
  • Student of International Relations and Management
  • Student Intern at "Kinderhilfswerk Eine Welt"
  • Former Communication Assitant at "ENSIE Network"

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  • Assistant Professor at the University of Regensburg, Faculty of Human Sciences,Department of Educational Science
  • Fields of Research: Simulation-based learning, Expertise research, Learning and professional development, Cognitive and meta-cognitive skills, Visual information processing in professional domains, Feedback

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