Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks
HNPW 2023 (17-28 April 2023)

Session title: Data for decision making: How the humanitarian sector could be better served through collaboration and joint standards
18 Apr 23 (15:00-16:30) UTC+2

The increased use of data to inform humanitarian response and risk management has led to more evidence-based approaches and more accurate contextual reflections. The sharing of public humanitarian data by the UN, lNGOs consortia, and research entities has made this possible and helped to minimize duplicative data collection. At the same time, multiple overlapping or piecemeal datasets sometimes add more noise than illumination. The quality and relevance of humanitarian data is directly tied to who is able to access and contribute to it.
This session aims to demonstrate what is available in terms of live data on humanitarian needs, operational, and security conditions and shine a light on the gaps and challenges facing humanitarian users, and a way forward in terms of principles for collaboration and quality standards.


Humanitarian Outcomes is a team of specialist consultants providing research and policy advice for humanitarian aid agencies and donor governments. The CORE program funded by USAID produces a variety of products all with a focus on data driven analysis, including 3 public databases (AWSD, GDHO, SCORE).

Insecurity Insight examines threats facing people living and working in dangerous environments. Our innovative data collection and analysis methods generate insights relevant for aid workers, aid agencies and those concerned with the protection of health workers, educators, IDPs, and refugees.


  1. Introductions 
  2. Issue with data standards and availability 
  3. Aid worker security data
  4. Social media data and perceptions
  5. Understanding humanitarian healthcare attack data and analysis: examples from Syria
  6. Global NGO data 
  7. Q & A Discussion


Abby Stoddard (Humanitarian Outcomes)

Meriah-jo Breckenridge (Humanitarian Outcomes)

Rohini J. Haar, MD MPH. (University of California, Berkeley. School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology)

Andrea Axisa (Insecurity Insight)

Michael Walker (INSO)