Türkiye: Earthquake M7.8, February 2023
 Situation overview

Teams Demobilizing, please, refer to the 'demobilization' section under each SCC.

There is a form that must be filled out by each team before leaving.

<--- See on (the left) the Weather forecast for the following days.

- Government (AFAD) USAR contact points are available in the following airports:

ADANA Airports:

  • Sezin TUNA- 0090 537 397 59 83
  • Haluk Önay ERTEN -0090 5326728167


  • Sevim YELBAY: 0090 537 333 71 75
  • Akif AKDEMİR: 00905317912416

Malatya Airport:

  • Sevim Yelbay: 0090 537 333 71 75

- A UNOCHA team for the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) has been deployed and will support the overall humanitarian coordination. Contact points are as follows - please contact using Signal or WhatsApp messaging app:

  • For KAHRAMANMARAS & ADANA regions: Ms. Silke Banuelos: +66 61 415 1140
  • For GAZIANTEP region: Mrs Juliana Teoh: +66 61 028 8004
  • For Ankara - USAR Liaison with AFAD HQ: 

Helpful Links & Infomation for Teams in-country:

  • ARC, Emergency & Disaster Interpreters, mobilized for INTERPRETATION support for USAR teams in coordination with AFAD (NEMA of Turkiye), mainly in English and potentially other languages. Contact info: aytacunal@yahoo.com +90 532 382 92 23 , ranakahraman@gmail.com.

  • For Logistics UPDATES click https://logcluster.org/earthquake-2023-February
  • New List of Interpreters was added 10/02/2023

Volunteer interpreters
Assessment Reports

EU/JCR Drought Türkiye & Syria (Feb 23)
EU/JRC Tech. EQ Report Türkiye (10 Feb)
Meteo Forecast 25.02.23
Meteo Forecast 26.02.23
Meteo Forecast 27.02.23
OCHA Türkiye Seismic Map 06/02
ICRC Türkiye Estimated Affected Population
MapAction Türkiye EQ, Population Data and Shake Intensity: Displayed by Regions T
MapAction Türkiye Country overview
MapAction Türkiye Provinces (Level 1 Administrative Boundaries)
Overview Turkey and Syria
 Status of request for assistance

As requested by AFAD, we kindly request all USAR teams to constantly update the Virtual OSOCC regarding their deployment including estimated arrival dates and timings, points of departure, point of arrival, destination, number of personnel etc. It is highly important that these details are updated on the Virtual OSOCC to ensure proper coordination for the response.

International assistance requested by the Republic of Turkiye. UNDAC Team, Heavy and Medium USAR Teams requested.

IMPORTANT: All Team wishing to deploy will be vetted and are to first write to   Tahsin Berkant Ataay ; Recep ŞALCI and copy the Secretariat : Pietro Carra ; OCHA-Insarag ; Winston  Chang  

Entry points are Malatya and Adana airports. In total 10 provinces ( Malatya, Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Adıyaman, Osmaniye, Diyarbakır, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis, Adana ) are effected from EQ.

PIC in Adana Airport : 

Sezin Tuna: 0090 537 397 59 83 


PIC Malatya Airport:

Sevim Yelbay:0090 537 333 71 75


HUN-10 Pest County Search and Rescue Service has finalized our Post Mission Report


JOR - 01 Turkey Post Mission Report

Dear AFAD/ UCC .
Please arrange transportation of Pakistan team from Hatay to Adana by road and Adana to Istanbul by air for 12members with approx 800 kg wieght.
Please check our work sheet


saludos todos compañeros el próximo jueves 16/2/23 un equipo de médicos y personal de emergencias se desplazara a Turquia de parte del CINAT COLOMBIA para brindar apoyo en las zonas afectadas estaré pasando información al respecto suerte para todos

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